Atzaró Okavango

The Atzaró Okavango camp is a premium luxury Botswana safari lodge surrounded by lagoons, waterways, wildlife, and nature’s abundance in the heart of the delta

Atzaró Okavango is a uniquely premium safari lodge in an unrivalled bush location, amongst the waterways and lagoons of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. The exclusive concession area in the world heritage site national park is wild, rich and abundant, offering a unique nature-connected experience.

Discover the delta with the atmosphere and luxury of an authentic safari from a by-gone age. The most luxurious Botswana safari lodge will captivate you with its twelve suites, all with private pools, lounges, restaurant, bars, wellness area, gym, terraces, twenty-metre-long main pool, excellent service, lagooned and animal-rich views for a stay of pure indulgence.

You will experience the wonder of nature, up close and personal, on safari with Atzaró Okavango, the surrounding lagoons and plains providing the wildlife-rich landscape for your African adventure. Game drives, guided safari walks, community visits, and Mokoro canoe expeditions are just some of the unforgettable experiences that will leave you connected with our heart of the delta forever.


The elegant and authentic lodge is the epitome of safari luxury, transporting you to the best of a bygone age, surrounded by the romance of the camp and beautiful watery landscape beyond.

Suites & Villas

Twelve beautifully appointed suites, laid out across private residences and villas, provide the luxurious accommodation for an unrivalled premium safari stay in the heart of the Okavango Delta.


Fine dining is the fayre at the Atzaró Okavanko camp, with the lounge and dining area, bar, poolside, wine cellar with sommelier, observation deck, the best service, and unique experiences.

Spa & Wellness

The nature-connected spa and wellness facilities enhance your stay with luxurious fresh-water pool, yoga, massage and treatments, gym, and pampering self-care, with Africa’s allure as the backdrop.

Safaris & Activities

The wonder of nature and wildlife in perfect harmony are yours to discover with the adventurous array of unique safaris, and activities, creating experiences that will be cherished forever.

Okavango Delta

The vast world heritage site inland river delta of meandering waterways and lagoons is rich with seasonal and migrating wildlife and birdlife, a natural safari paradise all year round.

Conservation & Community

Atzaró Okavango deeply respects its natural habitat with ethical luxury, making the wildlife, resources, the environment, sustainability, and local community, an integral part of the experience.

Plan Your Trip

Explore everything you need to plan your trip with the Atzaró Okavango safari advisors and concierge, from travel, to tailored experiences, unique safaris and adventures, and unparalleled luxurious lodge stays.

Sustainable safari luxury at the heart of the Okavango Delta

Atzaró Okavango’s mission is to create an experience that provides a uniquely luxurious, beautiful, and sustainable relationship between the nature, landscape, wildlife, community, and those coming to discover our special part of the delta. The Atzaró Group Botswana safari lodge is not only a luxury hotel-style romantic place to stay but is a deeply respectful connection to the heart of civilisation, the raw beauty of nature in the wild and its ancient wisdom.

Conservation, community and sustainability are an integral part of Atzaró Okavango’s presence in Botswana. Conscious travel is an important element of the concept and biodiversity is crucial to limit our footprint on the ancient landscape.

Every part of your experience is in safe hands, from planning your trip to the travel, arrangements, safari options and stay. Atzaró Okavango has partnered with African Bush Camps, the renowned provider of extraordinary wildlife and safari experiences in some of Africa’s most untouched areas. A perfect collaboration between leading safari experts and the international hospitality expertise of Atzaró Group.